Releasing Date : SEP 28, 2018

Run Time : 2 Hrs 13 Min

Director : Yash Kumar

Genre : FamilyDrama

Cast : Yash Kumar, Nima Rumba, Kamana Bhujel, Jimmy Gurung



There is a small village in Nepal. Remote, mountainous and hard to get to, but the beauty of the land is always been a charm of the village. Geographically appealing and heart melting people. They have ups and down. Geographically challenges to grow. On the top of it, the Don in the village is more burden than anything else. A young visionary man returns back home to make something happen to the village and villagers. The effort and childhood love comes to the halt, with having two husband of the childhood love and trying to juggle around the social conceptual, growth of the village turns to a battle ground. Lastly, this is a story about a woman who tries to manage the two husband in the life and all the obstacle.